Gout and Cucumber

Can cucumbers reduce uric acid?

Fresh vegetables are one of the foods that gout patients are encouraged to consume in gout guide. Cucumber is a fresh vegetable, so gout and hyperuricemia patients can eat. Some people say that gout patients can eat more cucumbers to reduce uric acid. So what is the truth?

Gout and Cucumber

Cucumber is a low purine food.

The purine content of cucumber is only 8.2 mg/100g, which is a typical low-purine food; cucumber contains rich calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements, which are metabolized in the body to form alkaline substances, belongs to alkaline food; the water content of cucumber is generally above 95%, and is a low-calorie food (15 calories per 100g, only 1/4 of apple ). Low purine diet does not increase the uric acid load in gout patients, and low calorie, rich water and alkaline food are the favorable factors for gout, which is conducive to the dissolution and excretion of uric acid.

Gout and Cucumber

When you eat cucumber, you should take the skin.

Another good factor for gout and hyperuricemia is its ability to diuresis. After uric acid is metabolized by the kidney, it needs to be excreted through urine, so the more urine is excreted, the more uric acid is discharged. The less urine is excreted, the less uric acid is excreted, uric acid will be trapped in the urinary system, the crystalline deposition of uric acid stone, causing chronic injury. Some studies have found that the diuretic components ofcucumber are mainly in the skin of cucumber, so gout patients should try to eat cucumber with skin.

Cooked cucumber is better.

In daily life, many people like to eat raw cucumber, which can maximize the retention of nutrients in the cucumber, but also enjoy the crisp cucumber taste. But for gout and hyperuricemia patients, this is not the best choice. Raw cucumber can not maximize its effectiveness in diuresis and detumescence, only after the cucumber is heated and cooked, can it play a role in reducing uric acid and gout. The mechanism may be related to the cold of cucumber and the slowing down of metabolism.

Gout and Cucumber

Don’t eat too much cucumber.

Although cucumber is good, eating more is likely to hurt the spleen and stomach. Most gout patients have abnormal spleen and stomach movement, and cucumber diuretic acid effect is limited, can only play an adjuvant treatment role (only on uric acid has been metabolized into urine to play a role). Therefore, the role of Cucumber in the treatment of gout should be viewed correctly, if consumed in large quantities or in excess, it may harm you.

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