Gout And Chili, Can Only Be A Vegetable !

Chili is the essential condiment and dish on many people’s table. But for patients with gout and hyperuricemia, Chili is better to be eaten as a vegetable.

Perhaps only a handful of gout sufferers in the clinic can be sure that eating chili causes gout, but we recommend that they avoid chili . Because the stimulation of chili to the taste buds causes you to eat a lot of food unconsciously. It’s hard to say whether other foods cause gout..But it is certain that chilli is definitely not the favorable factor for gout.

Chili is a low purine food, and its purine content is only 14.2 mg per gram. The vitamin content in capsicum is also higher, and the vitamin C content per 100 grams of pepper is as high as 198 mg. Fresh capsicum is abundant in water, close to 70%.

Low purine content, high vitamin C content, high water content, these characteristics of pepper are beneficial to gout.Then why do we still list it as a bad food for gout and not recommend it to gout patients?

Why chili is a bad food for gout?

1.Pepper is easy to aggravate damp heat.

The hot pepper tastes spicy and easy to aggravate damp heat. Chinese medicine believes that dampness and heat is an important pathogenesis of gout, dampness is Yin evil, its nature is heavy turbid and sticky, easy to damage Yang, block Qi; heat is Yang evil, its inflammation, easy to dry injury Jin Yin. “Damp” and “heat”, one Yin and one Yang, each other’s Yin and Yang attributes are different, encroach on the human body after the wet and heat cementation difficult, which is also an important reason for gout difficult to cure. Most gout and hyperuricemia patients are originally damp-heat constitution, such as eating hot pepper, damp-heat will become more serious, gout disease is more difficult to control.

gout and chili

2.Pepper increases the chance of acute attack of gout.

Like other condiments, peppers also stimulate autonomic nerves, increasing the risk of acute gout attacks. The autonomic nerve is the efferent nerve in the visceral nerve fibers. It has some important physiological functions, such as respiration, blood pressure, metabolism and so on. Stimulating the autonomic nerve can accelerate metabolism and increase the production of endogenous uric acid, which aggravates hyperuricemia and gout; moreover, pepper is often used much more as a condiment than other condiments, so it is more dangerous to induce gout.

3.People often dry chili peppers and fry them.

People often dry chili peppers and fry them in order to pursue the better flavor and taste. But fried chili is more likely to induce gout attack than fresh pepper. Because the moisture content of pepper is reduced after drying, the content of purine increases, and the spicy taste increases. Moreover, fat content in Pepper increased sharply after frying. Some studies have proved that fat has the effect of obstructing renal excretion of uric acid. The intake of fat in gout patients’diet should be controlled from 40 to 50 grams per day, especially in the acute phase of gout.

gout and chili

4.Pepper increases kidney burden.

In the metabolic process, pungent ingredients are often excreted through the kidney, producing varying degrees of stimulation to kidney parenchymal cells, thereby increasing the burden on the kidney. Most gout patients have kidney problems, such as decreased glomerular filtration rate, decreased renal tubular secretion, uric acid kidney stones and so on. When the burden on the kidney increases, the renal function may further decline, the kidney’s ability to excrete uric acid will also be reduced, blood uric acid increased, triggering the acute attack of gout.

The right way to eat chili for gout:

If you have reached the point of “no spicy, no happy”, we suggest you refer to the following gout and hyperuricemia patients eat the right way to pepper.

gout and chili

1.Don’t choose too hot chili.

Do not choose chili peppers with strong irritation such as Chaotian pepper, but should choose pepper varieties such as persimmon pepper (pepper is a vegetable at this time). Because the latter retains the beneficial ingredients for gout in chili peppers, but the spicy and damp-hot properties are better controlled.

2. Choose the right way to cook chili.

Try to choose fried and other cooking methods with less oil, reduce the loss of beneficial ingredients in pepper. In addition, when the pepper as a seasoning, we must pay attention to the control of food intake, when the pepper as a vegetable, you can rest assured to eat.

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