Reduce uric acid without take medicine, these things are important.

Gout is a chronic metabolic disease associated with nutrition.

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To treat chronic diseases, you must take long-term medication. Therefore, it is a dream of many gout patients to take uric acid to cure gout without taking medicine. However, this can only be a dream. At present, there are only a handful of uric acid-lowering drugs that can stabilize blood uric acid, and the drugs cannot stop.

Dietary control is the most important and effective non-pharmacological treatment for gout and hyperuricemia.

Although this does not completely cure gout, studies have found that diet control can reduce blood uric acid levels by about 10% to 18%. This is already very good. After all, the standard dose of allopurinol can only make 26% of gout patients with blood uric acid.

The American Gout Guide says that the purpose of diet control is not only to reduce the frequency of blood uric acid levels and acute exacerbations of gout, but more importantly to promote and maintain the patient’s ideal state of health, prevent and properly manage comorbidities that threaten the lives of gout patients.

The traditional diet control method is to limit alcohol consumption, strictly control the intake of cockroaches in the diet (including some cockroach-rich vegetables), and limit the intake of nucleoprotein-rich foods such as meat, fish, poultry and beans. However, such a diet structure is difficult to adhere to for a long time, and the efficacy is also questionable.Next, we will combine some of the new findings in gout diet control to illustrate the relationship between gout and diet.

Reduce uric acid without take medicine, these things are important.

1, the relationship between dairy products and gout

The study found that the incidence of gout decreased with increasing intake of dairy products. However, this effect is limited to low fat or skim milk products. Studies in the United Kingdom and South Korea have found that men who drink two cups of milk a day have a 46% lower risk of gout than men who can’t drink a cup of milk a month! That’s right, it’s reduced by nearly 50%, only two cups of milk a day, not two pills a day. What are you waiting for, drink milk.

2, the relationship between vegetables and fruits and gout

The solubility of uric acid in an alkaline environment is much higher than in an acidic environment. Vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline foods, which prevent the formation of uric acid crystals and promote their dissolution, increasing the discharge of uric acid. People who eat more fruits and vegetables have a higher risk of hyperuricemia than those who eat less fruits and vegetables. In particular, the cherries in the fruit, after 4 months of intervention with cherry juice, can reduce the gout attack by 55%, which is more cattle than cows.

3. The relationship between seafood, meat and gout

The study found that an increase in the intake of meat per day can cause a 21% risk of gout; a weekly intake of seafood can increase the risk of gout by 7%. It seems that seafood (white meat) and meat (red meat) are treated differently. Both of them have high levels of purine. However, in addition to being rich in purine, red meat is also rich in saturated fatty acids (positively related to insulin resistance), which reduces the excretion of uric acid in the kidneys. Therefore, if you must be eat one of them, it is recommended to choose seafood (white meat).

4, the relationship between tea, coffee and gout

Coffee or tea, this is a problem. The study found that drinking 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of gout by 40%, which may be related to chlorogenic acid (a strong antioxidant) in coffee. Tea also contains many different antioxidants, but it is much weaker than coffee, so studies have suggested that drinking tea does not reduce the risk of gout, whether it is green tea or red tea. However, people who are used to drinking tea usually drink plenty of water, which can also achieve the purpose of full hydration, which is conducive to the excretion of uric acid from the kidneys, which is indirectly beneficial to gout conditions. In short, no matter what you drink, drink more urine and you are right! Except for drinking soup and drinking.

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