My Gout Story: Gout Pain Force Me Start Gout Diet

#1. My gout story: First pain of gout was an eternal nightmare to me.

It’s a weekend of 2016, I had a delicious seafood meal with my friends. Seafood is my favorite.

In the middle night, gout came. My big toe on the right foot felt severe pain, just like a wild animal was tearing me wildly.

The next day, I couldn’t walk normally and my wife drove me to the doctor . After the blood test, my doctor told me I get gout, my uric acid had reached 639 mol/L.

It was the first time I felt gout pain, and the worst. Because it made me so pain, I decide to make it never happen again.

To check if you have the possibility of gout, have a gout test here.

#2. Genetic Is Bullets , Environmental Pull The Trigger

My father has gout, too. Maybe gout genetic makes me easy to gout.

I rethink on my diet and lifestyle of the past. I was born in a coastal city and I like eating sea food very much. I spent too much time at work and playing with my friends , so I lack physical exercise and enough sleep.

As people say , “Genetic is bullets , environmental pull the trigger.”

These bad diet and lifestyle are the “triggers” of gout.

I made up my mind to change diet and lifestyle, I don’t want to bear the pain of gout again.

I started my physical exercise. At least half an hour of running a day.

I strictly control work and play time , formed a good biological clock.

I made the gout diet plan, Eat low-purine food, no beer, less wine..

Like many habits, they may seem awkward at first, but they become more natural as time goes on. The important thing is self-discipline.

Know more about gout and skills to prevent gout from here.

#3. Gout Diet Means Say Goodbye To All Delicious Foods ? 

Because gout is caused by too much uric acid in your blood.  Purine metabolism produces uric acid, and many foods contain high Purine. So we should know what can a gout patient eat and what you can’t eat.

We can see many delicious foods contain a lot of purines.

The Latest And Most Complete Food Purine Content List (2018 Update)

I have listed the purine content of foods that we often eat. You can press “Ctrl + F” of the keyboard to look up your favorite food and see its purine content.

Is that mean, once get gout, you have to say goodbye to delicious foods ?

No! In fact, gout diet have many kind foods to choose,from staple foods to snacks,from vegetables and meat.

Although I can’t eat whatever I like as much as I used to, I have open a new delicious foods world. They make me lower uric acid, leave gout pain away and a lot healthier. In my gout diet, I have made breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and even added meals.

The Latest And Most Complete Gout Food List Of Different Stages

I have divided gout foods into “The main diet of gout patients”, “The gout patients can eat a little when the gout does not attack” and “The gout patients do not eat as much as possible”. You can choose food according to your situation.

I’m making gout recipes according to the food in the list. Of course it will take a lot of time. If you like which kind of food, let me know, I can make it first.
I will also make videos in the future. Before that, I have to make sure that everyone likes my blog.

#4. Perfect Life And Delicious Foods Won’t Go Away.

You can if you want to get rid of the gout life. 

I did it ! My uric acid is down to 300 and I haven’t had gout pain in two years, but the big toe on the right foot sometimes feels uncomfortable

I’ll stick to my gout diet and my lifestyle.

Will you join me?

Jack lee